Michelle Kleinert


The “special character” of Michelle Kleinert, her spirit, was very much appreciated from everybody because she was permanently inventing things, having ideas for this or that topic, supporting Spaniards with depression or stress, I mean “a brain in constant activity”. I remember especially her work in the theatre, she was so funny and so imaginative… always involved.

In short, I have a very good recall of Michelle as human being and I have a very good impression about her range of possibilities, the best proof of all is that we keep in touch.

Javier Valero
Secretario General
Madrid (España)


I worked with Michelle Kleinert in Spain where we were involved in summer camps for children. Michelle is an exemplary role model for children, and an articulate, well organized and exceptionally creative master of ceremonies. She brought the whole team together, and I found it so easy to work with her clear, concise and structured plans. Michelle not only can operate and manage a highly organised system but is very quick to respond to unpredictable circumstances and I found her ability to improvise quite extraordinary. Michelle is a kind hearted, fun and very hard working individual. I wish her every success in the future and look forward to working with her again soon.

Tara Moran -  Ireland


"MICHELLE, in Capital letters, means SMILE....She's always smiling, and that's why you feel good when she is near!!
She encourages everybody, the more you know her, the more you want her....In the end, you need her alltime!! I keep in touch with her because I love being positive, and she is...a lot!!, and she helps me to do my best every day I see her emails or when we talk! I think she is one of those kind of people who I've had the luck to meet......I recommend everyone to try to meet her if anyone have the chance. For sure!! Best Regards"   

Pueblo Ingles Student, Pals Costa Brava 
Dr. Vicenç Torrente
Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau


"Michelle was a thoroughly enthusiastic and energetic MC while I worked with her on Pueblo Inglés more than English programmes. She kept everything running smoothly and her passion ran through to both the staff working under her and the children on the programme." 

Paul Murphy- UK


Michelle is amazing.She is the best spruiker I have seen in my 15 year in Retail.She's always in great demand.With her wonderful smile and charisma she certainly knows how to work the crowd and when we have Michell spruiking for us the store is full of customers which delivers fanastic results in our sales.She has great energy and a wonderful vibe that knows how to draw people in.I have no hesitation in recommending her-she certainly is the best.

Melbourne Australia


I have seen Michelle in action as Master of Ceremonies during one of my weeks as monitor in a Pueblo Inglés summer camp. Michelle maintains order, is well organised and while doing all this somehow remains fun, engaging and full of life and energy. Her boundless energy passed on through her monitors and the 50+ children attending the camp. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Aoife Garvan – Ireland


We have completed sales training with Michelle to make our company sales better for our Australian market and am very happy to announce we have improvement on all areas she has worked on. 

Guan Xien - China


“Michelle is a gem! No matter how busy or quiet the centre may be she always draws customers in with a smile. Anytime she works with us we always reach and often double our budget for the day! Definitely an integral part of our business.”

Melbourne, Australia


"Michelle Kleinert has a positive personality that shines through in everything she does, making her the perfect person to present to your delegates, or train your staff. Whatever MC, training or presentation work you present her with, you can be sure she'll deliver great results. Michelle is hard working and reliable, and I have always known her to be dedicated to her client 100%. Her ability to work with people from all walks of life and at all levels of an organisation means you can leave her to do her thing, knowing she won't let you down. Michelle gets to know her product, and makes sure her message is clear. My experiences with her in a training and motivational capacity have all been extremely positive and I have no hesitation in recommending her to you!"
Julie Lowe
Event Manager


Spruiking Works!!!

Michelle changed the mood and atmosphere in the store, made it really fun and up beat! Michelle got the staff fired up and the customers all walked out with bags and more importantly a smile or laugh on the way out!!! Honestly, Michelle made all the difference, her presence is always welcome.

Melbourne Australia


When ever we need a boost on sales we always call Michelle. On one visit we had done under $100 for the day, with Michelle there that night She helped boost our sales to over 800% Michelle always brings a positive energy vibe to the store when she’s here. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any company.

Melbourne Australia


Michelle Kleinert acted as the Master of Ceremonies at a Tahitian Noni International event in February 2007, and we were thrilled with Michelle's skills and abilities. Michelle has a unique knack for exciting her audience. She managed to keep audience energy levels high and maintained the audience's attention throughout the session. Given this was an all-day event, boosting energy and attention levels were no mean feat. Several guests commented on how charming and dynamic Michelle was. Michelle's skills as an MC and speaker helped the event to be extremely successful and profitable.

I would definitely use Michelle again for any MC or speaking opportunity that become available.

-Helen McMurdo,
former Product Marketing Officer for Tahitian Noni International


Dear Michelle

We just wanted to email you to say CONGRATULATIONS on such an outstanding performance at Pueblo Ingles.  Your contribution was fenomenal and we would be absolutely honoured to have you back in the future! We hope that you had a great time and enjoyed being part of such a unique experience. As we are sure you will know, your involvement in the program is absolutely key to us making each one a success and in this case we felt that your top input made the program just that bit better!

It’s a real honour to have you back! You were a fabulous asset in your previous Pueblo Ingles programs and we look forward to another stellar appearance! 

Luke Nightingale
Anglo Co-ordinator
Pueblo Ingles
Rafael Calvo 18, 4A
Madrid (Spain) 


Michelle is an energetic focused leader and MC. Her intelligence, humor and approachability make her a definite asset for any event. I would recommend her service again.
Gina Jamel
production manager in media 
Toronto Canada


Michelle is a ball of positivity and a well of wisdom, she is truly a blessing to anyone that meets her – She will certainly light up your life!

Jemma Sier
Business owner in beauty industry
Melbourne Australia


Michelle is quite comfortable and extremely effective in leading and motivating a group.  Her bright smile and boundless energy complement her intelligence and talent.

Richard G. Warner
Retired Human Resources Management Consultant   Boston, MA  USA


Michelle is an exceptional communicator. During our program, I had access to  her help in an unconditional way. I have estimated that my communication in English has improved.

Fernando Hernán
Technician EU Funds.
Dirección General de Asuntos Europeos
Comunidad de Madrid.-Spain


Michelle was kind enough to be guest presenter on our regular Weekly TeleSeminar.
The hints and tips she gave were most helpful to Network Marketers – both newcomers and experienced.
A recording of Michelle’s interview/presentation can be heard by
clicking here!

‘Nawma’ Network Marketing Australia


"Michelle has a unique ability to combine her talents as a professional presenter, and entertainer...the result is an experience that will inspire and educate, generating positive activity and outcomes".

Natalie Chiera
Hiro WA
Perth, Western Australia


My wife and I  had the privilege of spending a week with Michelle in an
educational setting. We found her to be very helpful and
well-informed, having many excellent communications ideas.
Chip and Karen Ross
Courtenay, BC,



I have no hesitation in recomending Michelle Kleinert for Master of Ceremonies. She is bubbly, lively and funny. Her energy fills the room and reaches every single one in it, both spaniards and anglos. Is very easy to work with Michelle, always willing to help and caring for every one. Her eye for detail and anticipation makes everything go smoothly.
We look forward to working with her in our residential programs in Spain.

Sabela Castro Jiménez
Program Director
Pueblo Inglés - More than English


I just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for taking me on as a counselor at Candeleda kids camp this summer. I know you took a massive risk, as I am after all 4 years younger than the required age to be a counselor. However, the past two weeks have been absolutely amazing and I never felt so welcomed and valued as a person in my whole life. I really feel as if Michelle has taken me under her wings and allowed to really take control of my role as counselor, and because of Michelle I really feel like I am connecting with the children and can see them having an amazing time.

Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication and commitment and giving me literally the most amazing two weeks of my life.

Sophie Hannaway
Wales, United Kingdom


On the many occasions I have heard Michelle address people I have found it quite amazing that she can deliver her message so that each person in the audience feels that she is addressing them personally.

Michelle has a most pleasant personable manner and her energy and enthusiasm can be felt by the audience’s she addresses. She is articulate, intelligent and is a people person.

Michelle is a strong self motivated person who has the ability and confidence to address large groups of people and can communicate her message to all.

Irene Goonan- Manager- Tunstall Traders Association,
Former Mayor and Councilor of City of Manningham
Former Councilor of City of Melbourne


Michelle has been a guest speaker at several of our events. Michelle has a fabulous ability to maintain the attention of our meeting attendees through her presenting style. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for a speaker.

Sarah O’Shea, Sales & Operations Manager Australia/New Zealand Morinda International (Australia) Pty Ltd/Morinda New Zealand Ltd


The sales training systems that she implemented into the company were trialed and tested by her as well as staff, Michelle was always eager to get involved with her staff on every occasion.
Her techniques made a huge impact on staff performance and turnover in the company and sales had increased dramatically.
Michelle Kleinert is an honest and very reliable person, she is extremely dedicated to her projects and will always do more than what is expected.

Director, Manuela Kelly , Rozzi Boutique, Sydney


I was fortunate to have been trained by Michelle kleinert in customer service and a period of 12 months.

Michelle's positive outlook on life and the achievements she has made is admirable. Michelle is a hard working, honest, fair and knowledgeable and has the innovative of a successful business person. She holds morals and values and this is shown through the way she works and how she treats those around her.

Something that stood out about Michelle to me was the way she connects with youth. She understands young people and is able to form a bond with them. Michelle enjoys working with youth and is able to find common ground with them, not all people can do this. I enjoyed being in her presence and she made me want to achieve and learn more.

Gabriella Xynas - Melbourne Australia


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Michelle Kleinert on a language immersion program in Spain as her Program Director and her being the Master of Ceremonies.

Thanks to Michelle and her previous experience on these kinds of programs, her excellent human qualities and her never-ending energy, to say the least, my first time being Program Director couldn’t have been better.

Michelle is the kind of person you would want to have on your team due to her efficiency rate on basically any project that comes her way and most importantly because of her ability to integrate the members of the team to work on the same page and in a very natural and unstressful way.

Camilo Ramirez
Program Director – Pueblo Ingles
Calle Las Moras 16 Bajo C
Madrid, Spain 28032


Michelle is such a wonderful boss and human being. She is truly devoted to her work and knows how to make her employees feel appreciated. On the third week when I turned 26, she planned a whole day of celebration collaborating with both my coworkers and the kids. She found out what my favorite song was and sang and performed it for me! Who does that stuff? I write this email because she not only does her job well but also goes above and beyond. Being away from home all these weeks has been tough but having her as a boss has definitely made things easier. She's a fun person to be around and runs the camp well so kudos to her.

Brian Alejandro Gil
Madrid Spain


Whilst I worked for Michelle, she encouraged me to be more confident and outgoing. Her bubbly and vibrant personality was contagious, and she always helped me to better my skills and work ethics.

Julie O'Brien
Melbourne Australia


I just want to say a big thank you to Michelle in regards to my beauty therapy business. Your dedication and professionalism has been a valuable asset. You takes pride in your work and see it through till the very end.

Evamon Beauty
Templestowe, Melbourne Australia


I have known Michelle for a couple of years now. I have had the privilege of listening to her speak in public a number of times. Whether to a large group or on the radio, Michelle speaks with knowledge, credibility & confidence. Most importantly Michelle speaks with compassion and from the heart.

Eva Wong- Melbourne Australia


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